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Sunday, April 16, 2006


We planted these out the front under the palm tree facing the petersons

The daisy like flower heads of the Gaillardia may reach up to 4 inches across and may be single or double flowers, depending on the variety. These perennials generally grow from two to three feet tall, but there are also many new hybrid strains which include dwarf varieties that only attain a height of a foot (Gaillardia grandiflora 'Goblin'), and colors ranging from yellow to red or orange.
Blanket flowers do best when grown in full sun and light, well drained soil. Plant them 15-18 inches apart. They thrive in the summer heat, with only moderate watering and feeding. They are easily grown from seed which may be sown directly into the garden from early spring up until early summer, where they will bloom for you the first year. Gaillardias are hardy in USDA zones 4-10. A stake should be provided to support the taller varieties.
Gaillardias are an excellent choice for your butterfly garden, or for cutting. If you keep the flower stalks cut off as they fade, you will enjoy these flowers from mid June, until the first frost.

going really really well, we also planted more out the back by the gate.Although this plant has larger flowers


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